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    Candidates from Ukraine
    2013-01-29 15:08:53

    On 29th of January we hosted 18 candidates from Ukraine and their parents. They saw a presentation about our University and visited the campus. See the gallery.

    The movie from Vth Ball is ready!
    2013-02-04 15:30:50

    Thank you for participating in the V University Ball. It took place on 19th of January in Hala Wystaw Kapelusz in Park Śląski in Chorzów. Ball was organized especifically for students, alumni, employees and University friends. Here you see the photos and the film.

    University Day
    2013-01-14 10:17:03

    On 11 January 2013 took place the University Day. It was the final event of the anniversary year. Thank you for the participation in the celebration. Here you can see the gallery.

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